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The FTD Prevention Initiative (FPI) is an international effort to harmonize research in familial frontotemporal dementia (FTD) across the globe, led by Dr. Adam Boxer in collaboration with Professor Jonathon Rohrer at UCL in the UK.  FPI brings together research efforts in Europe/UK (GENFI), North America (ALLFTD), Latin America (ReDLat), Asia (SouthEast Asia FTD Consortium; LEAF-FTD) and Oceania (DINAD, FTDGenZ).

FPI is focused on improving trial design for preventative therapeutic trials through analyses of large-scale data from member cohorts. Ongoing projects include creation of a shared database for genetic FTD data, standardization of a minimal shareable dataset for data collection, modeling disease progression, comparing digital biomarker tools, and others. 

Condition Studied
Frontotemporal Dementia