Brain Donor Program

The NDBB (Neurodegenerative Disease Brain Bank) was established in 2008 to help achieve the goal of creating treatments and cures for neurodegenerative diseases, illnesses that have affected more than 5 million individuals in the US. Nervous system tissue donations are critical in neurodegenerative disease research and has furthered the understanding of the human brain.

Why Donate?

When you decide to donate, your contribution helps not only current and future individuals who suffer from neurodegenerative disease, but also their friends and family. Donators are helping investigators create solutions to address and prevent or delay the onset of this disease.

In addition, there are currently no methods available to diagnose neurodegenerative disease with a 100% certainty until a full examination of the brain has been made. The diagnosis from tissue donations are fully disclosed to a donor’s family and can help give closure to affected friends and family members. 

Who Can Donate?

At this time, only patients and research participants of the Memory and Aging Center (MAC) can make a donation to the NDBB. Please contact us for referrals to other donation programs. 

Contact Us

For more information on the NDBB or the donation process, please contact:

Autopsy Coordinator
Phone: 415.476.1681
[email protected]
24/7 pager: 415.719.8281


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